near boston this machine shop is also a sheet metal fabricator machine shop with sheet metal facility with high level of quality control for aerospace, electronic, nuclear, and high technology companies from concept to prototype to finished machine parts, Machine Technology, Inc. is the Massachusetts machine shop with a proven record. government approved machine shop facility near Boston, MA sheet metal shop in beverly near woburn, waltham, danvers, and peadbody, ma for industrial and high tech purposes
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At Machine Technology Inc. we are commited to a high level of quality control in our Beverly, MA machine shop.

1- 36" X 48" Black Granite Surface Plate
1- 24" X 36" Black Surface Plate
2- 18" X 24" Black Surface Plate
1- Trimos 0-24" Digital Height Micrometer
2- 81 Pc. Webber Rectangular Gage Block Sets
1- Brown And Sharp .0001 Indicator
2- Last Word Electronic Indicators Graduated To .0001
2- Sets Deltronic Plug Gauges 3- Mitutoyo Hole Gauges
2- Mitutoyo .001 - 10" Height Gauge
1- Mitutoyo PJ300 Comparator
1- Brown And Sharp Micro-Hite 2D Electronic Height Gauge W/ SPC Reading
1- Brown And Sharp Surfcom (Surface Finishing Measurement)
1- Mitutoyo SPC Digimatic Mini-Processor
1- Brown & Sharp Computer Mearsuring Machine
Pin Gauges .020" - .750"
Pin Gauges .020" - .500"
Standard Thread Gauges, Plugs And Rings
0 - 18" Micrometers

Certified QC System To Military Standards

  Our quality control inspection facilities are constantly maintained.