near boston this machine shop is also a sheet metal fabricator machine shop with sheet metal facility with high level of quality control for aerospace, electronic, nuclear, and high technology companies from concept to prototype to finished machine parts, Machine Technology, Inc. is the Massachusetts machine shop with a proven record. government approved machine shop facility near Boston, MA sheet metal shop in beverly near woburn, waltham, danvers, and peadbody, ma for industrial and high tech purposes
decades of machine shop experience machine shop clients list machine shop facilities sheet metal fabrication near boston, ma best quality control available in a machine shop contact a precision machine shop near boston, ma machine technologies provides quality machine shop facilities to manufacturers
high quality parts machining
  machine shop in compliance with military standards  


Machine Technology is accredited or source approved by most major Aerospace, Electronic, Nuclear, Accessory and High Technology companies throughout the world. In addition, Machine Technology is a government approved facility with a proven record of excellence. Our machine methods and results are in full compliance with the pertinent military, federal, SAE and proprietary specifications. A representative sampling of our current prime contractor approvals are as follows:

Air Flow Research
Amray, Inc.
Charles Stark
Draper Labs
Energy Science Inc.
Frequency and Time Systems
General Electric Aircraft Engines
Varian Seimiconductor
Orion Research
Physical Science Inc.
Polaroid Corp.
Raytheon Inc.
Summit Technology
U.S. Army
U.S. Navy

  machine shop makes parts for microchip and other electronics manufacturing