near boston this machine shop is also a sheet metal fabricator machine shop with sheet metal facility with high level of quality control for aerospace, electronic, nuclear, and high technology companies from concept to prototype to finished machine parts, Machine Technology, Inc. is the Massachusetts machine shop with a proven record. government approved machine shop facility near Boston, MA sheet metal shop in beverly near woburn, waltham, danvers, and peadbody, ma for industrial and high tech purposes
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high quality parts machining


Machine Technology, located in Gloucester, MA and just north of Boston, is a machine shop that has been in business for over 30 years. We deal with all types of steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, plastics and almost any type of material that has to be machined. Our shop maintains close to a 100% quality and on time delivery standards that keep our customers satisfied and continue to do business with us. Quality, price and on-time delivery are all of equal importance to our employees.

Our machining, lathe and fabricating capabilities are well placed throughout our 3200 square foot facility to keep the production flow smooth and accurate.

Our quality control room is constantly calibrated, eliminating any room for error. We have two employees dedicated to the precision and delivery of all our orders.

Such attention to detail has attracted clients such as branches of the U.S. military, institutions like MIT, and companies that include General Electric, Raytheon and others listed on our Clients and Industries page. Simply put, we stand out from other machine shops by being that much more reliable.

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